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Sereina Colon, LPC-A

If you’ve made it this far into advocating for yourself and your mental health- you can stop now and take a breath. Congratulations! You’ve found a clinician that will meet you where you are in your goals and help you achieve them. It is imperative that everyone find a good match with a clinician. This means agreeing on treatment modalities, therapeutic relationship dynamic, communication and proper treatment debrief. I specialize in several modalities like Person Centered, DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and Narrative Therapy. I utilize these modalities (and a cluster of more current modalities) to empower clients to address, analyze and make changes to current thinking patterns and behavior. We will work together to establish an understanding of what brought us together and what we want to see in order for things to get better.


My goal is to alleviate the stress that comes with making any life change and to provide effective problem solving to focus on issues at hand. We will work to build an accurate and relevant skill set for your mental health toolbox that you will take with you even beyond our treatment. Is this all sounding good? Contact us today and let’s begin this journey!  I began studying Psychology at 12 years old as a hobby and decided to embark on the journey to become a clinician in high school. I studied psychology in my undergraduate years at The University of Hartford and then pursued my graduate degree at University of Bridgeport. I finished both programs at the top of my class and have been happily seeing Client’s ever since. I also have expertise as a Case Manager and have local referral info for any Client’s who need alternative assistance outside of therapy.

I am skilled in working with:



-Grief and loss




-Eating disorders

-Sleep disorders

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