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Therapy Done Right.

We're here for you.

At Harborlight Counseling, we offer you an empathic space to examine and reflect upon each intricate part of who you are and what defines you. We believe that everyone is entitled to happiness and self-determination, and have built a team of top professionals to help you achieve empowerment. You are warmly invited to look through this web space and get to know what Harborlight Counseling is all about.

Who do we help? What do we help with?

We help adults, teens and adolescents every day with a wide variety of problems, including:



-Stress management

-Relationship Issues

-Bi-polar disorder and other mood disorders

-Substance use

-Family conflict

-School issues

-Trauma and PTSD

-Grief, including Infertility Grief

-Women's issues

-Men's issues

-Gender dysphoria 

-Gender transitioning


Our Practice Values


Our therapists strive to connect meaningfully and sincerely with our patients to help you navigate forward in your life. We believe that connection and therapeutic rapport are the foundation to meaningful therapy.


You are valued for who you are, as you are. Our team genuinely cares for each client, and take a non-judgmental, empathic stance. You need not fear judgment or rejection in this space.


Our team utilizes a blend of evidence-based practices to ensure that you can create practical, meaningful change in your everyday life. Treatment modalities include DBT, CBT, Somatic Experiencing, Narrative Therapy, and more.


Our therapists create an environment of continuous learning and growth. Setbacks and roadblocks are a natural part of the process. We navigate them with you.

Our services are available to everyone who needs them. This includes partnering with most major health care providers and CT Medicaid to eliminate financial barriers. Our billing professionals handle insurance. You and your therapist focus on your wellbeing.


not Perfection



1200 High Ridge Road, Stamford CT 06905


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