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Hopeful Pathways Infertility Program

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My name is Clare.

Infertility can be an intensely isolating experience -
one that takes a huge emotional and physical toll. As
someone who has lived this suffering, I’m passionate
about providing compassionate, person-centered
care for those experiencing it. Wherever you a
re in
your journey through this experience, you are invited
to be a part of Hopeful Pathways and move with us
towards healing and hop

Hopeful Pathways Services:

Group Telehealth Therapy for Women

Fellowship with other women processing infertility is a powerful therapeutic tool. We offer a comprehensive

multi-phase therapeutic program designed to help women receive support, connection, and education on living with infertility. Group members learn to move forward in hope, individually and together, through honest, supportive fellowship.

Couples Telehealth Therapy

We know that infertility can be very painful for romantic partnerships. It often creates challenges in communication and intimacy that add to the pain already present. We help couples learn to support each other in healthy ways, identify and address problematic patterns, and develop relationship habits that enrich their partnership.

Individual Telehealth Therapy

Our emphasis is person-centered, and we value your story. Each client’s experience of infertility is unique. We help you to process the many emotions and issues associated with infertility in
ways that resonate with you.

Infertility Group Program Phases

Phase I: Transformation

From Surviving to Thriving

Phase II:

From Empowered to Flourishing

Phase I focuses on providing women with a safe space of support, care, and learning. An 8-week core psychoeducational and processing program is led by an expert clinician. Using the power of peer support and fellowship, group members identify helpful skills and tools to thrive in living with infertility. Upon completion of Phase I, group members transition to Phase II.

Phase I topics include:

●Infertility's effects on self image and identity

●Challenges in communication and intimacy that often arise from infertility 

●Addressing well-meaning, but potentially unhelpful, "support" from friends, family, and the wider community


●The search for meaning as part of the healing process

Phase II is devoted to sustaining the growth achieved during Phase I. The group is facilitated by an expert clinician and functions as a space for graduates of Phase I to remain connected. In this phase of the program, group members continue to share a safe space with one another and process the challenges that come up in daily life. Peer support and fellowship sustains ongoing mutual empowerment that women experience and protect together. There is no maximum number of group sessions a member can attend for Phase II.

Contact us today to inquire about Hopeful Pathways and other support we offer to those experiencing infertility.

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