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My background encompasses more than 20 years working in the state, municipal and not-for-profit sectors.  This has allowed me to work with individuals and families connected to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Department of Developmental Services, the Department of Children and Families, probate court, and adult education.  My educational background is similarly varied and includes a Bachelors degree in psychology, a Master’s in Special Education, and a Master’s in Social Work.  My employment and educational backgrounds have provided me with a firm understanding not only of how systems work but also how these systems can be challenging to navigate and work with at the individual level.  I have also been provided the opportunity to work alongside individuals and families from diverse backgrounds, strengths, abilities, and challenges.  The successes that we were able to accomplish could have only occurred by working together and using a strength-based approach to achieving personal goals.


I enjoy working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and have experience treating others with:


- Anxiety

- Depression

- Autism

- Trauma

- Grief and Loss

- Relationships

- Family conflict

- Work conflict

- Stress management

- Life transitions

- Substance Use

Jay Poswinski, LMSW

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